We are interested in Fiction (Drama, Mystery, Mystery/Thriller, Romance), and Self-Help manuscripts (60,000 words or more) that have been professionally edited.  During open submissions, we welcome queries from unpublished and previously published authors, agented or un-agented.  No Children's Books or Young Adult (YA).

Please send a query letter and paste the first chapter of your manuscript in the body of an email to: We do not accept attachments or snail-mail submissions.

Things you should consider before submitting:

We seek authors who are motivated and believe in partnerships, where we set things in motion and you (the author) assist in selling  your book.

  • We will create publicity via multiple media channels for your local book signing and the global market. 
  • We will set up your local book signing event, and potentially create a book signing tour depending on the interest of the book 
  • We will provide book cards so you're able to market your book to potential readers. 
  • We will send your book to professional reviewers.
  • We will provide guidance in  setting up your social media. 

If you are still interested in being published by Elevation Book Publishing, then please follow the submittal guidance for your query.